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Foundational and complimentary items for InnerTuning® and Microchakra PsychologyTM:

*Prana CalendarTM (2016): a 26-page PDF calendar with ample and accessible introductory material to help you learn about synchronizing breath and balancing brain hemispheres, following the appearance of new and full moons. Consistent use leads to positive benefits over the course of the day as well as in the long-term. Using this calendar also provides a means to get started on the fundamentals of Svara Yoga (the yoga of breath). 

*Shree Radhay: a mantra for the heart chakra. Endearing sounds to assist in drawing energy from the fourth chakra. This recording received an award from Kindred Spirit Magazine as the most inspirational CD for 2001.

*Jaya Guru Deva: a mantra to awaken the Guru within. Humans thrive on relationships for love and knowledge. The embodiment of knowledge is the guru who may be either external or internal. Before starting any practice, expressing gratitude to the Guru is a spiritual tradition and a necessity. The Chakra Institute is offering this mantra to all practitioners of any spiritual discipline, especially yoga. Listen to this brief mantra in the sitting posture with eyes closed while thinking of the guru for whom you have gratitude. Frequent practice may awaken your Inner Guru who resides in the sixth microchakra of your fifth chakra. This mantra is chanted before all of Shyamji's classes.